Promo DVD


To create an appealing concept for a range of four films that were created for Maersk Oil. The DVD should steer clear of the norm and stand out as unique in its design and navigation. The DVD needed to work intuitively as a standalone entity and within a kiosk/touchscreen environment. This gave RARE a chance to flex its creative muscle in a world that is often dominated by lacklustre visuals.


Touchscreens are by their very nature linear in their interface architecture and easy to use, big buttons and simple navigation. Simplicity here was the order of the day, we created a unique left/right navigation which transports the user around a virtual environment that looped and played seamlessly to each menu screen. When clicked, the menu system blended with the chosen film, upon completion of the film it blends seamlessly back to the menu screen, sounds simple, but hard to achieve within a DVD system.