20syl create some handy work.

Lovely laid back track with a sweet video. Directed by Mathieu le Dude (great name). Such  a simplistic concept, well produced and If in doubt people would like it, they put a drawing of a Zebra half way through, sweeeeeet.

Portable tranquility.

Ever wished you were working whilst sitting next to a babbling brook.....while it was raining ....... with the leaves rustling ...... and the wind blowing ..... loudly..... during a thunderstorm ......with birds all around?

Well wonder no more, just go here nosili.com and customise your tranquil setting with the option to do some creative writing whilst its happening!

Its the simple things eh?!!!


We Salute You!

Check out this awesome series of Youtube shorts about the Heroes of Animation. This one on Cyriak is particularly cool. Its nice to final put a face to the well known name in animation.

Faile'd Again.

Cash, Cans and Candy puts the former Anker bread factory in the public spotlight as a new art and cultural complex in Vienna, Austria.

The exhibition, hosted by Gallerist Ernst Hilger will be showing works by over 40 Austrian and international artists from all five continents on 800 square metres of exhibition space, including large scale murals by Faile, Shepherd Fairey, and Faith 47.